Donations given in memory of:

Brenda Hale by Misty Brunetter & Ryan Smock

Brenda Hale by Debra Faries

Vailey Richardson by Gail McAllister

Tucker, beloved pet of Sharon and Les SimpsonBy Gail McAllister

Caddy and Tobi James by Debbie and Phil James

Ryan J. Mitchell by Gail and Milton McAllister

Henry Slagle by Susan Slagle

Anna Hoover by Geraldine Campbell

Ms. Jimmie Fisher by Debbie Hicks

Norman Hawkins by Robert and Melissa Thompson

Stormy Murphy by TMC Patient Rehab

Stormy Murphy and in honor of Karen Murphy by Kate Boyle Whitfield

Edna Virginia Rhea by Cara Shackleford, Sally Thomason

Josie by Glenda and Joe Ritchie, Jesse and Katie Reach

Devon Armstrong by Brenda Pedigo

Rene Creel by Megan Hesse

Bruce Parker by Jeanette Parker

Clovis by Robin Richey

Macee Michelle, beloved pet of Tom and Kristin Vanest, by Scotty and Kenda Wright

Aries, our rescue dog after 15 wonderful years by Angela Sandmann

Roman Bergeron, NOT your average dog, by Gregg and Libby Lindahl

Milas Cates by Karen Gardner and Bruce and Sheree Edmaiston

Barbara Neighbors by the Tuesday Morning Coffee Group at Nick's

Sally Wright, mother of Ellen Steincamp Walker by Clarence and Jacquline MIller and Mike and Donna Hensey

R.E. Adams and Bryson Adams (husband and son) by Dr. D.F. Adams

Jo Hubbard by Alyce Lee

Jo Hubbard by Miriam Wallace

Kathy Hendricks' Fritz by Katy Yates

Barbara Neighbors by Donna Perry

Jo Hubbard by Sherry Smith

Josie Lee Smith Hubbard by Ellen Gossett; and Leslie and Gregg Gossett

Wanda Sweeney by Tommy and Becky Rains

Bonita Hicks by Beverly Jernigan, Independent Family Consultant

Bonita Hicks by the Watsons and Pam Storer

Bonita Hicks by Evelyn Hicks

Bonita Hicks by Kathy Northcutt

Bonita Hicks by Judy Norrell

Bonita Hicks by Gilda Spiller

Cal Stewart by Bob and Allyson Collins

Bonita Hicks by Mary and Ben Kerr

Bonita Hicks by Mary Ann Mazza

Bonita Hicks by Dee Ahlin and Laura McCutcheon

Bonita Hicks by Valerie and Garland Murray, Sr

Alan Isley by Stan and Cindy Huth

Bonita Hicks by Jerry and Sherrie Bryant

Ginger Herold by George Crosswaite II, DDS

LaCelia Kliss by Dr. and Mrs. H.F. Krauss

Duke and Sugar by Elizabeth Miles

Virginia Herold by Paul J. Banks

Virginia Herold by Jane Drumm

Jo Hubbard by Rejebian Book Club

Beloved pets Krystal Anderson, Topper McWater, Maddie Wright, Trixie Jeffers, Mayla Huffman, and Reggie Ross by Canyon Creek Pet Hospital

Pamela Porter by Monica Muil

Pamela Porter by Robbin Fox

Pamela Porter by Laurie Lawler

Pamela Porter by Elke Haderlein

Pamela Porter by Brooke Daniel

Pamela Porter by Lisa West

Virginia (Ginny) Herold by William Krieger

Pamela Porter by Tami Ochsenbein

Pamela Porter by Janet Templeton

Donna Perry's Daisy by Katie Yates

Charlotte Gravley's Ginger by Katie Yates

Pam Porter by Judy  McSwain

Our dog, Gus, by Marion Green

James Bennett by Barbara and George Waggoner

Beloved pets Dixie Schmitt, Stanley Gunter, Trevor Christman by Canyon Creek Pet Hospital

Pam Porter by Bryan and Kim Knowles

Pam Porter by Donna Thomas

Eddie Grimes by Nancy & JR Moors

Beloved pets Runt Goett, Lilly Brown, Tubby Ahlfield, Nikki Jeffcoats by Canyon Creek Pet Hospital

Barry Vickers by Thom and DJ Metcalf

Nancy J Hite by Anita Strange, Tahnee Simmons, Richard Coffman, Carroll Wood, Dolores Taylor, Roma Jackson & Tempie Sims

Our beloved Levin by the Nesmith Family

Our beloved Boo by the Nichols Family

Our beloved Spike by the Hundley Family

Our beloved Junior by the Montgomery Family

Tina White by the Roberts Family

Brandy Barnard's Beckett by Debbie Hicks

Carl Frietsch by Theresa Dickson

Carl Frietsch by Joan and Norman Gordon

Carl Frietsch by Sue and Rex Rodgers

Beloved pets of Mitchell, Riley and Glenn families by Canyon Creek Pet Hospital

Carl Frietsch by Mark and Kris McKinney

Carl Frietsch by Harlan and Priscilla Josselyn

Carl Frietsch by Genesis Sunday School Class

My Dad by Susan Allen Bailey

Beloved pets Monkey Kappel, Millie Bryan, Logan Cameron, Frances Baker, Heidi Windle by Canyon Creek Pet Hospital

Michael Sofijczuk by Sally Fri

Michael Sofijczuk by Irma Robinson and family

Michael Sofijczuk by Bill and Deanna Fri

Beloved pets Woodrow Sharp and BooBoo Baker by Canyon Creek Pet Hospital

Michael Sofijczuk by Carol and Martin Robinson and Family

In Loving Memory of Sharesa Armstrong and in Gratitude of Your Father's Friendship from Friends at KTEN

Beloved pets Bucky Brewster, Mazing Thorne, Jet Armstrong, Sami Cameron by Canyon Creek Pet Hosptial

Melinda Leanna Buckley by the Hunts - Donna and Dave, Rob and Family, Brian and Family

John Steven Thomas by Larry and Pam Long

Melissa Manning by Theresa Dickson

Trey Shepherd by Bob Ford

Dennis Gates by the Cassidy Family

John Steven Thomas

Sherri Timms by Mr. and Mrs. Billy Brown

Gene McCorkle by Lisa Jones

Gene McCorkle by the Domino Ladies

Gene McCorkle by Sharon Anderson, Oak Ridge Farms

Gene McCorkle by Karen Gardner

Marlee (the Pittie) by Alice Bowen

Larry Ballard by Robert Kirk and Karen Gardner

David Carter by Donald and Joan Lerch

Our beloved Sissy by Ezell Family

Our beloved Winston by the West Family

Lt. Col Raymond Wyskup by Thom and Jean Metcalf

Beloved pets Digger Ray Watkins, Dodden Bellows, Optimo Schroeder and Libby Robinson by Canyon Creek Pet Hospital

Buddy Haas by Harry & Candee Myers

Beloved pets Strut Armstrong, Josephine McWater, Buddy Mueller, Kubota Bodge, Champ Mercer by Canyon Creek Pet Hospital

Stephen L. Dean by Harlan and Priscilla Josselyn

Beloved pets Jade Butler, Sadie Banner, Bubba Jones, and Max Risinger by Canyon Creek Pet Hospital

Patches, beloved dog of David and Patricia Cason

Reverend Clay Arnold Yeager by Helen and Wiley Perry

Jo Ann Arnold by Stan and Cindy Huth

Daisy by Mark and Debbie Folterman

Ronney Simpson by Robbye and Don Collins, Jimmy and Tresa McCain

Beloved pets Jasmine Rhoten, Tiki Mercer, Hanna Royster, Blue Quigley by Canyon Creek Pet Hospital

Mrs. Lucille Freeman by all your friends at Canyon Creek Pet Hospital

Jo Ann Arnold by Jim Salling

Oscar Little by Sterling Little

Bice Decker by Joan Bizzle

Jo Ann Arnold by Cigna colleagues

Beloved pet, Rascal Mills, by Canyon Creek Pet Hospital

Sherry Harvey by Debbie James

Sherry Harvey by Janice Brown, Mike Brown and Family

Nita Frietsch by Rex and Sue Rodgers

Sherry Harvey by Elise Robinson

R.E. Adams and Bryson Adams by Adams Family Trust

Freddy Perkins by Sheree and Bruce Edmaiston

Freddy Perkins by Marilyn H Zickrick and Kate Frederick Zickrick

Reeta Self-Farr by Kipp Webster

Jackie Hunt by David and Donna Hunt

Janet, daughter-in-law by Rick, Karen, Connie and Ricky Glasgow

Beloved pets Kye Loyd, Texas Liddeke, Lucky Townsley, Coco McWater, Allie Jones by Canyon Creek Pet Hospital

Debbie Settle by Mark and Debbie Foltermann

Mark Williams by Odom, Steele and Isaacson Families

Mark Williams by Whitesboro High School Class of 1978

Mark Williams by Jean Angrove and Nan Park

Beloved pet Stella Avery by Dr. Leldon Locke and Staff

Beloved pets Sister Loyd, Sadie Richards, Lucky McWater, Luke Mercer, Lucy Hall by Canyon Creek Pet Hospital

Rebekah Bowden by Zeta Chi Omega, Austin College Sherman Tx

Dawn Wilsher by Sherrie Tew & Taz

Ann Rowland by Sarah and John Frietsch and Marsha Frietsch

Juno beloved pet of Don and Jan Lineberry by Elizabeth McCarthy

Wayne Bradley by Barbara Hayes

Nancy Knox

Frances Garner by Jones Family

Beloved pets Rocky Saltz, Hannah Collins, Annie Tupper, Dandy Young, Cassie Hutchison by Canyon Creek Pet Hospital

Vanessa Pelley by the Vitela Family and the Rife Family

Girlfriend, beloved pet of Don and Jan Lineberry by Elizabeth McCarthy

Judy Gail Blankenship by Earl and Billie Howard, Dan and Cathy Talbot

Patsy Swain by Robert and Rita Hempkins

Sandra Lynn Coble Simmons by Angela Adkins, Deborah Green, Gwen Rutledge, D’Ann Ellis and Kristy Bram

Frances Garner by Wendy Griffin, Michelle Mondor and Susan Meyer

Roger Shires by Ashlyn Shires


Donations given in honor of:

JoWanna Monroe by Sharon Anderson

Joan Price by Janet Brown

Bill and Deanna Fri by Sally Fri (Merry Christmas!)

Karen Murphy by Deb James

Shelby and Jonathan Blackmon by Scott Cunningham

Natalie Hulsey by Patricia Cowan

Hesselberg Family 2017 Birthdays - Ian , Tiffany, Mark - by Richard and Jo Ann Arnold

Brenda Westonhaver, Paige Odem, Sharon Sims, Mandy Holderfield, Beverly Johnston, Tempie Sims, Felicia Peterson, Pam Hubbard by Dolores Taylor (Merry Christmas!)

Debbie Petty Hicks by Marty Petty and Billy Petty (Merry Christmas!)

Kim Knowels by Marty Petty and Billy Petty (Merry Christmas!)

Etta Clark Watson by Julia Watson

Natalie Hulsey birthday by Patricia Cowan

Robin Montgomery by David and Donna Hunt

Sheila Shoopman birthday by Sandra Brown

Natalie Hulsey by Michael and Pamela Williams

Sandra Brown by Paula Clark

Roger Dale Shires by Connie Jones, Jerri Bone, Brenda White, Ellen & Mike Walker, and Kenneth Chester


Monetary Donations

Our heartfelt thanks to the hundreds of wonderful people who have donated and continue to support us whether it's been sending us checks, making online donations or dropping cash into our jars at various businesses or at our adoption events. It all adds up and goes to help the animals.



We have great merchandise coming your way! Right now we have our colorful T-shirts for sale. You can purchase one for your very own: Adult sizes are $20 and youth sizes are $10.  Please complete our Contact form and let us know what size, how many, where to send.  We also have car decals for $5.00.



Payment can be submitted via the "donate" button above.

A very special THANK YOU to all these entities for supporting DAWG.

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It’s simple.

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Thank you!

So many caring individuals help us every day in so many ways that it's impossible to list them all. We would like to thank everyone who has helped out with our adoption events, fundraisers and sharing our cause to find wonderful homes for these deserving animals. The outpouring of support from our community has been both amazing and uplifting and it's what gives us strength and the drive to save and protect  the animals. 

Our mobile adoption trailer has been in use for one year!!  It is still beautiful and DAWG continues to improve the lives of so many are pets.

We are now working on our next goal -- a new facility that will function as a true shelter.