Cat Adoption Application - for cats located at the DAWG House

Completing an online application is a request and is not a guarantee you will be able to complete the adoption process.  DAWG will respond to online application within 24-48 hours.  DAWG reserves the right to refuse any adoption application. The adoption is not considered final until payment is received. 

Please complete all fields and submit to DAWG.

For cats located at Petsmart or Petco -- you must complete their applications in person at those locations.

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I am ready to adopt this cat: *
I understand the adoption fee is $50.00 for cats and payable at time of adoption (cash, check, debit/credit card). *
I understand the adoption fee is non-refundable. *
I understand the adoption fee includes a rabies vaccination and spay/neuter. *
I understand and confirm that that by completing this adoption (payment and pickup of cat) I am taking ownership and responsibility for the Adoptee. *
I understand this animal has not been tested for diseases or heartworms and that it is my responsibility to have the animal checked by a veterinarian. DAWG makes no warranty as to the temperament or physical condition of the animal and the Adoptee is being adopted as is. *
Release & Indemnification/No Liability: Adopter hereby releases DAWG from any and all liability for personal injury, property damage, legal fees, or veterinary care, or any other expense or liability incurred by Adopter as a result of this adoption. Adopter agrees to indemnify DAWG from any and all such claims and to pay, without limitation, any costs related to such injury, damage, or liability, including, in the case of litigation, any attorneys fees incurred by DAWG in its defense. *
I confirm that I am financially prepared to accept the responsibility of owning this pet. *
I understand I can return the pet to DAWG, but there is no guarantee the pet will not be euthanized if health conditions or space constraints are a factor. *
To be completed by DAWG Rep - confirmation this is an approved contract with paid adoption fee.
Denison Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) reserves the right to refuse any adoption application.